Environmental Policy

The BlueTech Maritime Consortium Management is committed to clean environment and will ensure its activities are conducted in accordance with sound environmental practices.



To achieve this commitment, we will:


  • Improve continuously our environmental performance and incorporate best practice solutions.
  • Reduce our consumption of natural Resources and Energy.
  • Control Noise Pollution, Erosion, and Emission of Gases.
  • Manage wastes produced in our business according to principles of Recycling.
  • Give consideration to Environmental issues, when making a business decision.
  • Comply with all governmental Environmental legislation.


To secure the objectives, we will:


  • Communicate internally & externally our environmental policy and performance.
  • Encourage consideration of Environmental issues in services we offered.
  • Set and monitor annual targets to evaluate our performance.
  • Review our environmental policy.


This statement represents BlueTech Maritime Consortium position on Environmental issues and the policies and practices we will apply in conducting our business to minimize the environmental impact of our business operation.

Environmental Statement

“BlueTech Maritime Services will be striving to play a role of environmental leadership in all facets of their business”



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